Varun Viswanath - Editor

Varun has lived and worked away from home for over 10 years. He was born and raised in India, after which his career took him to Singapore - where he worked as an Editor and Producer. He moved to Los Angeles in 2010 after being accepted into the AFI Conservatory as an Editing Fellow. He co-founded Bad Alliteration Films, an Independant Film Production company, where his recent work includes the feature films "The Insomniac" (2009) and "The Outsiders" (2011), which was accepted into the 24th Singapore International Film Festival, the Venice New Asian Film Exhibition 2011, and won an award at The Indie Fest in California.

Varun has traveled extensively and has had the opportunity to observe the culture of the locals and immigrants in various countries. The story of "Samnang" is very close to his heart, as it has a very real taste of immigrant life. He feels a deep connection between his personal experiences and the underlying themes of "Samnang" - the surprises and pitfalls of establishing a life in a new country, being misunderstood by people from other cultures, and yearning for companionship in a foreign land.

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