Sammi Wallschlaeger - Production Designer

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Sammi was introduced to "the industry" at an early age and has been drawn to it ever since. She recently received her MFA in Production Design from the American Film Institute. She interned with production design team Shaffner-Stewart, where she worked on sets for MISS USA, the INDEPENDENT SPIRIT AWARDS and several pilots. More recently, she worked as Assistant Art Director on THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO and DAYS OF OUR LIVES. She has also coordinated several events, both corporate and social. Sammi is currently a member of the Art Director's Guild Local 800. She is so proud to be a part of the Samnang AFI thesis team.

Sammi is the only member of the "Band of Immigrants" team who is not an immigrant. When joining the team, she did not know what to expect. A film about a culture she knew nothing about, in a language she had never actually heard of. In order to create a believable world for Samnang, Sammi visited several typical Cambodian homes and asked tons of questions about what a Cambodian-American would have in his home and at his workplace. It was an absolute joy to spend so much time in the Cambodian community and get to know so many people. In the end, for Sammi, “Samnang” is a film about moving forward and finding your way in a new environment-- a universal theme relatable to anyone, whether you are from Cambodia or have lived in the U.S. your entire life.

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