Carlos Diaz - Cinematographer

Carlos Diaz is a second year AFI cinematography fellow from Puerto Rico. Drawing from his background in experimental media and traditional narrative structures, he has explored the life breath of an image and how to translate the words of story into the visual. Carlos's projects have ranged from music videos, documentaries video art for international conceptual artists and commercials for corporate sponsors such as "Gatorade" and "Sprint" . His images have been shown at the MOMA, Istanbul Biennial, Whitney Biennial, Amsterdam International Documentary Festival and Havana Film Festival and on MTVLA.  

Carlos feels a close relationship to the story of "SAMNANG"and what drew him was the portrayal of the immigrant experience and the chance of finding love. The themes are universal and yet the story is specific. Coming from Puerto Rico he understands being an immigrant, working alone and yet trying to connect with other people. The immigrant experience is one filled with much loneliness but there are times when this is magically changed by chance. Carlos came to this country, by chance met someone, fell in love, had a beautiful baby girl and now he knows that his life will never be lonely.