VANNY - Kaylene Men

Kaylene Kolvady Men was born in Cambodia and raised in Wichita, Kansas. After High School, she visited California and two weeks later, she decided to her red shoes from KS to California. She attended California State University of Long Beach and worked for numerous non-profit agencies such as American-Women Economic Development, Inc.; United Cambodian Community, Inc.; HealthNet, Inc. Kaylene has always been a trail-blazer for her thinking and for doing business. She started and helped numerous businesses for her family, her students and for herself. In work and in play, she continue to mingle and intertwined her two worlds she loves embraces, American & Cambodia and hope’s to share what she has discovered and learned with all within her reach.

“I saw a casting flyer at my restaurant. My first thought, ‘!! A film about Cambodians...donuts...I had a donut shop and so did my friends and their family at one time or another’. Not only that, it was written by Vanara, first Khmergirl screenwriter... So, I decided to call my friends and let them know about this opportunity.

I had so much fun recruiting my friends over the phone to go for the audition. We even practiced our speech for the award acceptance and practiced our red carpet walk and wave. I volunteered to drive all 4 of them. I had no intention to try out for the part... But my friends made me and I’m glad they did! I can feel and see the love all of the whole crew put into making this love story of “Samnang”. Thank you for choosing me to be part of this journey. Because of you, I now stay longer in the movie theater to watch the credits and appreciate the hard work people put in.”