SAMNANG - Jonathan Nitasneak Dok

Jonathan was born in Cambodia, in Svey Reang Province and grew up in the capital city of Phnom Pehn. When The Killing started in April 17, 1975, he was forced to move back to the countryside. He Escaped to Vietnam in 1977, during the Vietnamese military occupied part of Cambodia 24 hours period. In 1979 he escaped back to Cambodia during the Vietnamese invasion, ending The Khmer Rouge regime and escaped to different freedom fighter camps along Cambodia Thai border before. In early 1980, he escaped with his brother, sister, mother & Grandmother into Thailand, in Quo E- Dang refugee Camp, from there they moved to Philippine refugee camp for sixth months. He arrived in the United States in the summer of 1981, Long Beach, California where he attended Bancroft Junior High, Woodrow Wilson High School, Long Beach City College, and Cal-State long Beach. Jonathan is currently working as a Case Manager/Live Coach and managing a restaurant in Long Beach.

“I want to thank the crew in making ‘Samnang’. Also, I’d want to thank the bakers who trained me, those who bake at night to support their family. Samnang’s character in the film portrays the real live of many Cambodian donut bakers. Playing the role of Samnang, allowed me to understand the point of view of a donut baker. As an Actor, I hope not to offend any baker out there - I admire the art of making the best tasty donuts, and I think that the Cambodian donut bakers make the best donuts, period. In order to get into the role, I learned how to bake and I will always cherish that skill. I'm blessed and privileged to be a part of ‘Samnang’.”

Jonathan N. Dok
Actor/ Father/ Killing Field Survivor